Affordable and predictable high-speed content transfers 

While the media industry is enthusiastically embracing the move to IP and file architectures, it’s all too aware of the big challenge this brings. Media files are by their nature very large and moving them from place to place – between collaborators, location to post, producer to broadcaster – can be too slow, too expensive, or both.  

Content transfer times can vary depending on where in the world you are sending. Cloud and hybrid workflows can cause unpredictable and often expensive egress charges. If you’re making multiple transfers simultaneously, you may not be in control of bandwidth and thus priorities.  

The technology of IBM Aspera is seen globally as the gold standard. It provides very high throughput and unbeatable efficiency. Sending a 100 GB file – common in today’s media world – from Europe to Asia by FTP would be measured in weeks; using IBM Aspera you measure in seconds.  

IBM Aspera is recognised at a high and varying cost, when all but the largest media businesses want predictability as well as affordability.  

Dot Group has designed a new solution, DataSprint, which takes that core IBM Aspera file transfer acceleration and wraps it in a fixed price package. Choose the bandwidth you need – from 45 Mb/s up to 20 Gb/s – and the quarterly subscription covers everything. No limits on data transfers, users or workspaces. Using DataSprint Cloud, there are no egress charges. It really is one price with no hidden extras.  

Managing and automating multiple transfers with DataSprint is also simple, with a clear and intuitive web interface providing full control, including setting priorities by transfer to make the best of your bandwidth.  

In addition, the DataSprint Cloud storage is provided by technology partner Scaleway, who use data centres with adiabatic cooling, just like the ancient Romans did. The data centres work perfectly without the need for power-hungry air conditioning, making DataSprint the green solution, too.  

Dot is the data specialist. It can provide practical, media and entertainment focused advice on managing and future-proofing your data transfers. And, with DataSprint, you can move it when and where it is needed, securely and affordably. 

Meet The Dot Group at The Media Production and Technology Show 2023 to learn more about how the DataSprint solution could help your business save time and money.

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