The system has been designed to provide a 360 view of the client and campaign. Advertising sales managers can now access all information and reporting via a single interface. The system is designed to support the complete needs for tactical and strategic reporting for airtime sales.

The Airtime Sales Management Reporting System covers the full sales cycle from inventory and rate planning, through campaign management and traffic to post transmission and airtime sales analysis.
The system fully supports both spot-based and ratings-based campaigns and can be integrated to interface with external systems such as ratings providers and accounting systems. The overall result is a flexible reporting solution that offers a quick return on investment as well as a platform for future development.

Rate Cards
Impact analysis allows the business to regularly review the effect of rate changes prior to finalisation and typically replaces complex spreadsheet analysis, with a near real-time easy to use reporting environment.

Planning and Scheduling
The business is able to plan inventory for multiple channels across a complex network, using a custom built scheduling interface. Separate planning and sales schedules are maintained throughout the process. This in turn allows the application to support independent long-term sales scheduling and sophisticated program schedule change management facilities. These allow the user to process various program changes on an on-demand basis, and review and manage the impact of those program changes to the campaign.

Client and Campaign Management
The solution caters for agency and direct clients. This flexible structure will handle customer, agency groups and contacts as well as various multi layered product classifications. It supports clash and exclusion management at any level. The functionality of the solution allows the campaign management facility to cover the complete negotiation lifecycle, including brief, multiple proposal options and reservations right through to confirmed bookings. Reporting facilities also cover rate, ratings analysis, inventory usage and yield; at campaign, channel or advertising level.

Yield Management
By maintaining a complete data set which contains contract, campaign and deal information with the relevant links to customer transactions, the system will deliver a wide range of reports delivering information to the users about revenue, yield by customer, contract, deal and sales group.