With over 8,000 staff based in over 70 locations, the Brakes Group is the UK’s leading supplier to the catering industry. The Group’s thorough understanding of caterers needs is underpinned by 50 years experience and a passion for innovation, quality and service.
Brakes are growing by acquisition and wanted the ability to integrate future systems without increasing support costs.

Business challenge
To deliver an MI solution that will act as a single, accurate source of data in a normalised format with the capability to ‘plug-in’ new interfaces in the future.

The Dot Group planned, managed and implemented the Common Business Model (CBM) that integrates data from SAP R/3 and legacy systems in to a normalised, cleansed data store that would aid reporting via SAP BW.

Key benefits

  • Reporting times shrunk by 6 hours – availability of Daily Sales & Margin reports before the sales force starts their day
  • Data aligned to deliver a common view of customers, products, invoicing, stock across the enterprise
  • Consistent definitions and terminology across the business and IT
  • Reliable, single source of data that feeds reporting cubes
  • Each Delivery linked to Order/Billing data to analyse vehicle utilisation, route and drop profitability

Key components
Applications: SAP R/3, Legacy systems, Spreadsheets, SAP BW
Software: IBM InfoSphere DataStage and QualityStage, Oracle 10g on HP UX 11i

“The Dot Group delivered the project on time and within budget on a fixed cost basis. We could not have achieved the integration quality without the strong support of their management and careful planning and delivery by the integration experts” Tracy Costello, Brakes IT Director