The DOT group is an IBM Business Partner specialising in strategic business solutions. Our knowledge and expertise has enabled some of the world’s largest companies to achieve their Business Integration goals.

Our business sector knowledge across Telecommunications, Automotive, Media and Finance has allowed us to work with such companies as: General Motors, Associated Newspapers, Hutchinson3G, Virgin Mobile, BMG Group and HSBC among others. DOT delivers solutions that encompass data quality, data cleansing, data profiling, data modelling, data warehouse design and business intelligence.

Media Solutions
Over recent years the DOT Group has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in the Media sector. Our solutions have enabled our clients to stay one step ahead and maximise their ROI in the highly competitive Media space. Newspaper Advertising & Circulation System DOT was selected to rationalize reporting within both the Advertising & Circulation departments of a major newspaper publisher. The project included providing all non-operational reports for both systems.

The reporting platform within circulation allows for the monitoring of supply chain planning, production and distribution, wholesaler/retailer supply and returns, waste reports, financial reports, marketing campaigns, targets and budgets. The advertising reporting platform allows for the monitoring of gross revenue summaries and all breaks against advert, yield summaries, client/agency re-bookings, targets and budgets, financial reports.

Television Airtime Sales Management System

A leading television company commissioned DOT to provide an on-line reporting platform to sit around a newly developed Airtime Sales System. DOT worked with the company to develop a reporting solution that processes in near real time. The main benefits are: More informed decision making due to an increasingly efficient use of airtime, greater accuracy on trading position, improving the management of qualitative data on campaigns/spend, which in turn ensures greater accuracy of booking/invoicing. The new system maximises sales revenues by managing the placement of advertising with commercial breaks between programming, resulting in a more effective use of airtime for campaign, agency and client.

Royalties Management System
Realising the need to improve their current platform, the entertainment division of the world’s largest music company commissioned DOT to implement a system to manage royalties for all artists. The purpose of the new data warehouse was twofold; firstly, to deliver highly tuned reporting as opposed to the transactional system that is used for overnight/ batch work. Secondly, to provide the ability to track the success of individual artists, labels or records giving visibility across the company. All our solutions can be delivered using the IBM Data products and preferred partner software.

DOT helps to provide better information, faster. Contact DOT for all your Media Solutions needs.