In 2001, DOT was commissioned by one of the world’s leading newspaper publishing groups to deliver a comprehensive decision support system to meet the growing demands of current business users in the circulation department and to make the information available to a wider audience.

The Client operated a bespoke Circulation system which was developed by Accenture in the early 90’s. However since it’s introduction, the print industry had moved on considerably and the operational and management information provided by the system had not kept pace with needs of the user community.

At the core of the solution is a single integrated repository fed with data from the various systems as well as external feeds, such as ABC data. This provides a single source of data and a common reporting environment for Circulation, Advertising, Market and related management information.

The new architecture takes the load off of operational systems and delivers consolidated data in a flexible format to satisfy the diverse reporting requirements of the business. The repository is designed to reflect the diversity of the overall business and allows for both scalability and performance. Data in the central repository is used to feed a Circulation data mart, which provides rich information to the reporting environment.

The new system adds significant capability to the Circulation system. The main areas are:

  • Detailed management information on the actual supply and returns, products and part products against planned supply
  • Cross matching third party supply chain invoices to actual material
  • End to end production and distribution costs from print estimate and forecast through to delivery, returns and finally, waste disposal
  • Justification of wholesaler and retailer handling charges based on packaging supplied.

DOT has developed a powerful management reporting system designed to maximize profits and increase sales.