Electrolux Group are one of the world’s leading suppliers of domestic appliances. They operate under a number of different brands, including AEG and Zanussi.  In addition to domestic appliances, the group has a significant business in stocking, distributing and selling spare parts.

Electrolux have partnered with the DOT Group, Vertical Commerce, POWA Technologies & Bazaar Voice to realize the business need.

Business Challenge

Traditionally, the spare parts business has been pre-dominantly a B2B business with spare parts been supplied to service engineers.  Electrolux wanted to lead the way into supplying spare parts, accessories and consumables directly to the users of their products.

The solution should be the sole source for web content and capable of delivering relevant, localized content by language and currency to 30 countries and over 75 branded web shops, but at the same time ensuring that it also provides efficient management of new product creation and existing product updates.


The DOT Group worked closely with all partners to plan, manage and implement the Product Database.

The database receives daily updates from the Electrolux warehouses and product management teams responsible for delivering stock, price and product information.  This data is then cleansed and enhanced with data provided by the Vertical Commerce Team.  The VC Team specialize in ensuring that the content (descriptions, images and videos) drive revenue.

Additional information for product SEO and web page ranking is calculated stored against each product.

This data is then pushed overnight to the POWA platform to update content on all webshops.

An additional product feed is supplied to Bazaar Voice to be used as the source for all product reviews on the Electrolux Webshops.

Key Benefits

  • Single source content database with consolidated data from Electrolux and Vertical Commerce.  The content could be used in published material in the future.
  • Common view of product information across all languages. This provides a cost saving benefit as product information translations are reusable across countries sharing the same language.
  • Reliable, single source of data that feeds multiple partners simultaneously.
  • SEO built into every product update to avoid manual management of SEO.
  • Each spare part, accessory and consumable is linked to their respective products and hierarchy providing invaluable reporting capability.

Key Components

Applications: REX, Procorner, Legacy systems, Spreadsheets
Software: SQL Server, SSIS, Windows