Expert translators getting your data talking

When we talk about consulting, we’re talking about the skills the DOT consultants bring to the table. Yes, we do big picture, long term thinking. We do IT strategy development. And we help you shape what your technical solutions might look like. But it’s the end result and our consultants that we’re focusing on here.
The Dot Group consultants are highly experienced individuals who have worked across a range of technologies and business domains crafting their knowledge and skills. They know their stuff.
Our consultants speak data. It’s what they do best: giving you the advice you need to get your data talking and empowering you to make informed commercial decisions. After all, that’s what you do best.

expert translators

Expertise assured

Whether you seek light touch advisory services or large scale technical implementation and deployment, we’ve been there and our consultants have more than one of the t-shirts. And the same goes for how you work with our consultants. They can be both your ‘go to guys’ and/or appended to an existing team to bolster your expertise or to speed up delivery of a project.

Capability on tap

Our consultants are our currency. Whether you need senior experience, technical expertise or project management skills, we can provide qualified, proficient professionals quickly.

Right first time, more of the time

We all know IT change is really difficult and things go wrong, but with our expertise we ensure we get more right first time more of the time. With the breadth and depth of expertise in the DOT consulting pool, we don’t dilly dally. We get the job done, the way it was scoped, within the timeframe allocated. And we get it right first time.


Why choose The Dot Group?

The more connected the world becomes, the more quickly a business must adapt. By design, The DOT Group integration software simplifies the development process, reduces the learning curve, and decreases total cost of ownership with a single platform for batch and real-time data integration.

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