Data Masking as a Service

Data may be the most important asset, and risk, that your company holds. It describes customers, products, transaction histories, and everything else that you run and plan in your business. This data can be in databases, files, spreadsheets, Hadoop, and cloud platforms. If you don't have the time or expertise to find and de-identify the personally identifiable information (PII) in those sources yourself, the Dot Group's Masking as a Service (DMaaS) can help.

Does your organisation have a good handle on data masking, or are you potentially letting personally identifiable data slip through the net?



Increase compliance not cost

You can minimise the risk and cost of data masking or deletion because you only pay for the data you change. Our team and technologies can find and protect sensitive data in most formats and silos, on-premise or in the cloud.

Provide response in tight timelines

We can classify, find, and mask or delete the data requested within defined SLA's. For example, organisations have a deadline of 40 days to respond to a Data Subject Access Requests.

Relax knowing your data is in safe hands 

We'll provide your auditors, customers or employees with the audit trail that confirm changes requested by them and ensure the data complies with privacy laws.

No IT staff training required

No specialized training or new staff is required. Just complete the form below and let's talk about how you'd like to protect your data at risk.


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Why choose The Dot Group?

Take back control of data, improve the auditability of data masking, and save time for IT personnel. To find out more about how The Dot Group helps companies transform data masking from an uncontrolled manual process into a reliable service where you only pay for the data you change, please download this guide to Data Deletion as a Service.

Download the Guide
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