DataSprint FAQs

Commonly asked questions about DataSprint, our enterprise-grade large file transfer platform at truly affordable prices!

DataSprint FAQs

About DataSprint

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What is DataSprint?

  • A high-speed file transfer solution that allows you to transfer any size of file over any network, over any distance.
  • A ready-to-go transfer service solution that can be deployed in your own data centre, your office or in the cloud - you decide!
  • A service where we manage the software on your behalf and take away the complexities of configuring and maintaining it.


How much does DataSprint Cost?

  • DataSprint has a fixed, predictable cost per year or quarter, based on your existing Internet connection speed. DataSprint starts at a low fee per quarter for unlimited data, users, egress, and workspaces! Contact us for a quote!


What do I get with DataSprint?

  • A package of carefully selected applications that are especially configured to provide you with the DataSprint service.
  • Your own high-speed transfer server enabling high speed file transfers of any size of file or file set (You can connect your server to your own storage at your data centre or office/site).
  • Easy to use cloud-based file transfer and management web app.
  • Optional reverse proxy for secure DMZ perimeter.
  • Optional detailed reporting and monitoring web app.
  • High-speed desktop synchronization supporting millions of files.
  • Optional low-resolution previews of video files, stills and Office documents/PDFs.
  • Full technical support as well as advice on best practices.
  • A system that is specifically configured to get the most out of your infrastructure and especially configured to best suit your use cases.
  • Access to our full online training video library
  • Optional deployment services and training.


What can I do with DataSprint?

  • Send and receive files and folders of any size anywhere in the world, reliably, securely and at high speeds.
  • Upload and download files in folders and share these with collaborators Sync files at high speeds with your desktop.
  • Optionally automate file transfers and file operations with work flow automation.
  • Monitor my file transfers and get email alerts.
  • Optionally view a full audit trail of transfers and report on transfers in and out of your organization.
  • Store your data where you prefer, by connecting your DataSprint server to your existing storage platform.
  • When demand becomes high, burst out into the cloud, use any of the major Cloud Providers such as AWS, Google and Azure.


Is the bandwidth license limit for both in and out? 

  • DataSprint is licensed on the aggregate bandwidth required inbound and outbound separately. Example: A DataSprint 500Mbps license gives you a total of 500Mbps inbound, and 500Mbps outbound.


How do I select the right bandwidth?

  • Don't worry, we will help you decide! The speed that's right for you depends on:
    • If you use DataSprint - how much bandwidth you have to your premises
    • How many concurrent transfers you are expecting
  • In the real world we see users with bandwidths on their side of 30-150Mbps, with some exceptions for large Hollywood studios etc. As an example, a 500Mbps license will accommodate 3 simultaneous transfers @ 150Mbps, or 10 @ 50Mbps.


How much data can I send with DataSprint?

  • You can send and receive unlimited amounts of data.


Are there any file size limits?

  • DataSprint allows you to transfer single files of many terabytes and beyond as well as unlimited size collections of files.


How much faster is DataSprint compared to standard transfers?

  • DataSprint can be as fast as the speed of your own Internet connection! DataSprint allows you to transfer files as fast as your technical infrastructure permits.
  • DataSprint transfers are 100s, sometimes 1000s faster than traditional methods such as FTP.


Will my data be transferred through a 3rd party in the cloud?

  • If you have DataSprint:
    • DataSprint is deployed at your own data centre/office/site. For this deployment mode any files you send or receive will not go via the cloud in any way.
    • You can also deploy DataSprint in the cloud. Even if you do data will only traverse servers and storage that belong to your organization.
  • If you have DataSprint Cloud:
    • All data you send and receive go via the cloud.


How secure is my data?

  • Unlike other “shadow IT” services where you have little visibility of where your data is stored and how, DataSprint contains your data entirely within your control and organization. You have full control over where your data is stored and how it is encrypted.
  • When doing file transfers your data will be encrypted in transit and can also optionally be encrypted at rest. This means that every time you transfer a file all data packets transmitted are encrypted, and there are options to also encrypt your files as they are stored on your storage on-premise or in the cloud.


How do I know DataSprint is for me?

DataSprint may not be for you if:

  • You need High Availability – DataSprint is Single Server only.
    • You have complex needs:
      • Need to support complex data ingest and distribution cases.
      • DataSprint offers simple workflow automation; for Enterprise-class Workflow Automation with high complexity please contact us.
      • You need a different web app than what is provided with DataSprint.
      • You need to deploy on Windows.
      • You need to deploy many file transfer servers – IBM Aspera Enterprise on Demand may be a better alternative.
      • You need data or video stream transport support.
      • You need server to server file sync support  (Please note desktop-to-server high speed sync is available in DataSprint).
      • You need custom licensing.

There are cases where DataSprint may not be a good fit. In that case we are confident we can still support your file transfer and automation needs with the full portfolio of [IBM Aspera]. [See: IBM Aspera by Dot - Dot Group]

Technical FAQs

Read Technical FAQs

What is the technical difference between DataSprint On-Premise and DataSprint Cloud?

  • With DataSprint On-Premise you provide your own infrastructure such as compute, storage and networking.
  • With DataSprint Cloud all the infrastructure is provided for you with our cloud provider - compute, networking, and object storage.


What are the technical requirements for using DataSprint?

  • Please see here:


Will DataSprint have an impact on my own network?

  • No, the underlying technology used will ensure your day-to-day usage of the internet is not impacted.


How can I control my transfers?

  • Through the optional Dashboard you are able to fully view and control all inbound and outbound transfers with your server.


Can I use DataSprint in the cloud?

  • Yes, you can deploy DataSprint with all 4 major cloud providers: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud.


Can I use my existing cloud object storage?

  • Yes, object storage in Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Wasabi are all supported.


Can I deploy DataSprint anywhere in the world?

  • Yes, you can deploy in any on-premise location of your choosing* as well as with all four major cloud providers in any region they support.
    * Some countries excluded


What operating systems are supported?

  • DataSprint is Linux only. Please see the .


Can I use DataSprint with my own cloud object storage, or on-premise block storage?

  • Yes – please see the DataSprint Technical Requirements.


Can I use my DataSprint server with my own storage over SMB?

  • Yes you can but for performance reasons we always recommend NFS over SMB.


Can I deploy DataSprint with fully automated High Availability?

  • Unfortunately, to reduce cost DataSprint does not offer High Availablity. However, configuration and databases will be regularly backed up to your own storage and this can be used to very easily and quickly reconstruct a completely failed virtual machine. If using a virtualized infrastructure you can make backups by making regular snapshots of your VMs.
  • Our DataSprint Cloud service will automatically make a full backup of your virtual machine instance every 24 hours, as well as an incremental database backup every hour.


How is DataSprint deployed?

  • DataSprint is deployed by one of our experienced engineers who will install the software, connect your storage and test transfers. This usually takes less than a day.
  • DataSprint Cloud is automatically deployed within a cloud provider and provisioning will take less than 24 hours. You will be notified when ready for use and supplied with the required credentials for access.


Will you manage the DataSprint server for me?

  • DOT will manage the software on your DataSprint server. You are responsible for the hardware and operating system as well as related infrastructure such as storage and networking.


Can you supply a physical server for my DataSprint?

  • Yes, through our partnership with Matek [Matek | PC Components and Video Products - Matek Business Media] we can supply any specification server for your on-premise DataSprint deployment. We would work with you to size this according to your assessed file flow and provide you with a quote for a server that will be delivered to your premises ready for use


Are there APIs I can use to integrate DataSprint with my own 3rd party systems?

  • Yes there are full, well documented mature APIs you can use.


Licensing FAQs

Read DataSprint Licencing Information

How is DataSprint licensed?

  • DataSprint is provided over a three year period, payable either annually or quarterly. The service is provided based on the aggregate bandwidth speed required. After the three year period, you are free to continue the service or change to a different service/product to suit your ongoing requirements.



Do you charge per user?

  • DataSprint offers unlimited free users!



How does billing work?

  • DataSprint is billed either annually or quarterly upfront at the beginning of your subscription term.



What does the + option signify for DataSprint?

  • The + option provides you with a dedicated monitoring and reporting Dashboard for customers who wish to maintain a high level of control and visibility for all their file transfers in real-time.

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