Informatica World Tour – London 2023

Dot Group at Informatica World Tour - London 2023

Fresh from our insightful experiences at IBC 2023, (read about our takeaways from IBC 2023 here), Dot Group hit the ground running at the Informatica World Tour in London on 19th September. As a Gold Sponsor, the event was more than a showcase of technologies for us; it was a vibrant hub of interactions, collaborations, and a deep dive into the evolution of data management and AI.

The day was packed with sessions on key topics shaping the future of data management. Informatica’s CEO, Amit Walia, talked about the exciting intersections of data and AI. Guy Johnson from Belron shared their company’s data transformation journey, integrating business operations globally. Brett Roscoe’s keynote shed light on the evolution of AI and the importance of a solid data foundation. And from Rolls Royce, Lois Clifton and Phil Kaufman discussed the crucial role of data in their operations.

At the event, Dot Group’s approach to data was on display. We showcased our end-to-end strategy to enhance data engineering, quality, and governance, our comprehensive take on legacy modernisation, and our commitment to ESG reporting. Our collaboration with Blumetra was a highlight, with Sumit Maitra, Director of Engineering, joining us at our stand. Together, we’re looking to offer more to enterprises, whether they’re aiming for cloud modernisation or just starting out. Watch Dot Group’s Commercial Director Ian Currie being interviewed here:

The buzz was also around Informatica’s new acquisition, Privitar (read Informatica’s announcement about this here). This is set to add more muscle to Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud™ platform, improving data access management and privacy. It’s clear that the merged capabilities of the two companies will help businesses manage their data more responsibly and efficiently.

For Dot Group, our journey doesn’t stop here. Together with Blumetra, we continue to forge ahead, facilitating enterprises in their data management and cloud transition endeavors.

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