Fast track your business through digital transformation with BMC Software and DOT Group

As an approved BMC partner DOT Group can help you transform your businesses into a digital enterprise for the ultimate competitive advantage.

DOT Group is the only BMC partner that really understands data, which is vital for transitioning data into the digital enterprise. Through our 20-year IBM experience and partnership with BMC Software, we can help you fast track your digital business from mainframe to mobile to cloud and beyond.

As a global leader in innovative software solutions BMC’s IT services ensure continuous improvement, innovation, and a competitive advantage for digitally-driven enterprises:

  • Digital workplace: provides simple, context-aware interfaces to support your employees whenever, wherever, and however they want to work
  • DevOps: rapidly delivers the applications your business depends on
  • Security and compliance: fast track your security from weeks to minutes and enable your teams to effectively mitigate risk
  • Multi-cloud: optimize your use of the cloud by solving its associated challenges such as cost, performance, visibility, security, automation, and migration
  • Big data: drive your big data initiatives with digital business automation
  • IT optimisation: allows you to dynamically deliver improved performance, higher availability, and reduced risk when you plan, manage, and optimize your infrastructure resources
  • Service management excellence: manage the speed and complexity of your digital business with a new approach to service management – it can be delivered from the cloud or your own data centre.

BMC systems graphic

Digital business is fast, agile and competitive. With BMC Software and DOT Group’s help you can speed up your business to get ahead by:

  • Fast-tracking your security protection from weeks to minutes
  • Enabling multi-cloud management through security, visibility and cost control
  • Increasing productivity for millions of employees
  • Generating up to 30% of savings in IT infrastructure costs
  • Improving decision making through real-time data monitoring
  • Creating digital business automation allowing app delivery from hours to seconds

DOT Group in partnership with BMC Software can help you bring your IT to life with digital enterprise management and transformation. 82% of Fortune 500 are already on BMC’s fast track – shouldn’t your business be?

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