The Dot Group & IBM Innovation & results with the personal touch

The Dot Group has been working with IBM for nearly 20 years. We know their solution stacks almost as well as they do.

Over the years, we’ve integrated IBM products and services into the DOT offering and into our clients’ businesses. We do this fluidly, either as whole IBM solution projects or as part of a wider technology offering.
The status of an IBM Premier Business Partner title certainly opens doors, but it’s our completed projects that keep those doors ajar and open the new ones.

As IBM innovates, DOT keeps apace. Watson and Watson Explorer are exciting technologies in the IBM portfolio. And DOT has been working with IBM to deliver these solutions to clients since the get go.

Whether we’re working alongside IBM on a project or incorporating an IBM stack in a broader solution for a client, together we help companies turn their business outcomes up a notch. The combination of sound IBM technical solutions, expert DOT consultants and the technology agnostic DOT ethos, ensures high performing results for clients who we enable to move their businesses forward, to better results and greater gains.

The DOT-IBM relationship is one for the long haul, iterating as we go to deliver the very best performance enhancing solutions to our clients.

As an IBM partner in the UK, you can be confident that Dot Group will help you find the solutions you need.

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