Putting content in its place

Simon Parkinson of Dot Group talks about the critical need to efficiently manage the ever-growing volume of media files in the professional media industry in an article for TVB Europe. Highlighting the daily challenge of millions of files being misplaced or needing relocation to maximise their utility, Parkinson points out the exponential growth in content production, from increased shooting ratios to the use of multiple cameras in live events.

This surge necessitates not just the transfer of files but also ensuring their quick, accurate, and secure movement throughout the media supply chain. He underlines the complexity of moving content within an organisation and the increased challenges when dealing with external, untrusted partners, emphasising the importance of understanding the latency, costs, and restrictions involved in these transfers.

He cites examples like London’s Molinare post house and Pip Studios to illustrate the need for speed, security, and cost predictability in file transfers. Beyond the technical aspects, Parkinson also draws attention to the growing importance of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) compliance and the need for businesses to audit their environmental impact without disrupting workflows.

The solution he concludes with is to manage the massive influx of media files with automation and integration into existing workflows and suggests that this approach is essential for harnessing the operational and commercial benefits in the evolving file-based media industry.

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