Big Data, AI & IoT

Move with the technology times to stay ahead in your sector and on top of what your data is telling you. Whether your business is still spreadsheet reliant and resource heavy, or battling with legacy data technology, the benefits and ease of applying emerging technologies will transform your business.

Cognitive business thinking

Whether you think of robots or artificial intelligence as the future of technology, they’ll have a business impact worth considering now and your data is at the heart of the conversation, or should be. With the application of cognitive technology, businesses will learn, adapt and grow through intelligent digital and human interactions and machine learning. We’re talking automation. The outcomes: greater efficiency, smarter design thinking and fewer errors.

big data ai and iot

In pursuit of competitive advantage

In today’s world our technologies need to be agile and that applies to our data too. The machine learning element of cognitive computing has a role to play in supply chain management, product and service innovation, customer experience and personalisation as well as grass root business decisions. Growing ever more powerful and easier to apply every day, what are you waiting for?

big data ai and iot

IBM Watson

IBM’s cognitive computing technology helps businesses understand, reason and learn from big data to enable scale and to enhance human expertise. Its ability to handle structured and unstructured data is its core benefit - no spreadsheet or analyst will manage that and certainly not at this speed.

Imagine a standard operating procedure in a factory or warehouse. Imagine the application of automation using machine learning so that it continually optimises the process for identifying bugs, triages the offending data for fixing and tests out the resolution.

watson logo

Why DOT?

The Dot Group is an IBM Premier Business Partner with the inside scoop on all things Watson. In this ever evolving space, DOT can help you with the design thinking around the role of AI in your idea. 
Or perhaps build that prototype to test the potential for machine learning tech in your business, whether that’s chatbots or shelf stackers.

Manage lifecycle of data

How this works

  • Assess: Watson firstly trawls all your data at speed, in volume and in context to achieve an understanding of what data you have, where it comes from, who uses it, how it is applied, and what’s going to waste.
  • Roadmap: Through cognitive reasoning it creates hypotheses and provides justified reasonings and recommendations so your teams on the ground can make better business decisions, interactions and processes.
  • Deliver: Applied, literally in the context of your everyday business, is learns continuously. So it continually helps you improve your service, efficiency or methodology and so on.
  • Support: It works with you and your team, listening, watching and talking back to you. It carries on learning and improving, and so does your business.
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