Big Data


Big Data presents great opportunities for competitive advantage, providing you know what data to store and for how long, where to store it and the most efficient way of analysing it.
The sheer volume and variety of data available cannot be handled by traditional database and analytics technology, so an understanding of the technology optimised for Big Data characteristics is required to extract value from this information.

Technology associated with Big Data includes Hadoop and NoSQL architectures, in-memory databases, massively parallel data warehouse appliances, data mining, advanced analytics and streaming data technology. There are also a variety of deployment options available, from bespoke hardware/software deployment through database appliances to cloud offerings such as Platform and Software as a Service.

We must also not forget that Big Data is still data.  Therefore fundamental principles governing the management and quality of data still apply to (and are perhaps even more important) in a big data environment.

DOT can provide architectural support, design and development expertise to help you assess your big data requirements and work with you to implement robust Big Data solutions.

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