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The value of data is growing, yet visibility into today’s storage environments can be foggy and unclear. This is usually the result of expanding IT complexity, escalating user demands and exponential data growth. Many IT organisations lack a true understanding of their storage infrastructure, negatively impacting their ability to make informed decisions and causing storage utilisation rates to hover around 50 percent.

With the cost of managing storage infrastructures significantly higher than the cost of purchasing storage capacity, organisations need new approaches to managing their data environments.

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What to expect from a  Client data storage assessment (CSA)?

All assessments are completed using a light-touch metadata only approach to data collection that has been tried and tested globally with thousands of customers in multi-vendor environments. Produced within 3–5 days of data collection and combined with a follow up workshop, this is an ideal way to visualise how your storage and backup capabilities could align with the demands of your business

A true reflection of your current storage environment in terms of issues, configuration, capacity, consumption, utilisation & efficiency metrics.

An optimized strategic configuration that delivers improved levels of service coupled with maximised levels of capacity utilisation & efficiency.

A financial business case substantiating the savings that can be realised by aligning to a proposed strategic solution versus continuing as is today.

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How DOT group can help?

Client Data Storage Assessment is a data protection platform that gives organisations a single point of control and administration for storage management needs. It enables outstanding efficiency, simplicity and scalability for virtual, physical and cloud backup environments of all sizes. The Dot Group  can complete storage assesment exercise and provide you a complete visibility of your data assets within 2-3 weeks at no cost. This is a complementarty offering fo you to take the first step towards managing your data well and monetising it.

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