Demand Optimisation

Do you sell more holidays when the sun shines or when it’s raining, or because it’s a grey Monday morning? Hindsight’s a wonderful thing, but data is most effective when planning for the future and persuading the Board that the quarterly plan is on-track.

Don’t blame it on the weather

How long it takes your trucks to get from the distribution centre to the store when it rains versus when there’s a heatwave has more of an impact on your bottom line than you might realise. The Weather Company, an IBM Business, has identified how. By anticipating hyperlocal weather and transport challenges, businesses can forecast requirements and obstacles with eye-opening accuracy, so why aren’t you doing it already?

Demand optimisation in data terms

Weather forecast accuracy is increasingly taken for granted, so let’s use that to business advantage. Are you a retailer managing a supply chain, stock levels, promotions and staffing? It shouldn’t come as a surprise how the weather and/or the road network impacts your daily numbers then. But let’s take the guesswork out of the equation and introduce demand optimisation into forecasting (that’s profits and the weather combined), with a bigger gross profit as the target outcome.

Plan according to the weather

Complementing your existing data with location-specific weather detail enables businesses to do two things. One: develop an agile supply chain that flexes according to what can or cannot be achieved given the weather (imagine shipping stock through a hurricane, it’s never going to get there on time). Two: tap into the emotional impact the weather has on your customer or end user and their behaviour, while recognising not everyone is experiencing the same thing (in marketing terms, talk their talk to increase chances of hooking them in).

demand optimisation

Why DOT?

Demand optimisation is the kind of smart data application that’ll set you ahead of your competitors and that’s one of the hallmarks of our clients’ success. Understanding data is our bread and butter, whether that’s what sells best when, or how likely there is to be a traffic jam on the A4074 at 3pm because it’s foggy. Applying skillful data strategies is just the choice of sandwich filling chosen by those who work with us as an IBM Premier Business Partner.

How this works

  • Assess: Understand what data you have, how you’re using it and where value could be added.
  • Roadmap: A strategy that identifies the optimisation opportunities according to the data held, or to be sourced.
  • Deliver: An agile programme bespoke to your business offering, logistics and bottom line targets.
  • Support: Hands on or hands off, depending on the extent of the programme and how you wish to evolve it.
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