The GDPR rules came into force in 2016 with a two year window for businesses to become compliant. There are myriad facets to the changes including a redefinition of ‘personal data’ and the application of the law to EU residents irrespective of their location. Can’t see the wood for the trees? Our GDPR in a Box offering is your route to data compliance.

Handling customer & employee data

It’s time to take things personally. What data do you hold on your customers and your staff? How and where is it stored? Who can access it and how easily? How secure are your systems? Yes, you’re cutting it fine, so a fast and efficient route to aligning your data compliance, data privacy and data security is what you need.


Fast action GDPR compliance

Starting with a thorough data risk analysis, a report will detail and score your data security, data policies and practices, and data compliance to identify and prioritise the greatest areas of risk. The resulting action plan will form your business’s foundation for sound data governance and proactive data strategies.

GDPR in a Box

Data privacy compliance minimises data vulnerability and reassures your customers and staff that the data you hold on them is protected. Packaging our GDPR offering into a ‘box’ aims to contain the myriad complexities into one place where we, the experts, execute a data compliance strategy that’s easy for our customers to follow. GDPR in a Box instills confidence in GDPR alignment and data future proofing.


Why Dot?

The Dot Group has excelled in data management for more than 20 years. As an IBM Premier Business Partner we’ve been at the coalface of sophisticated data processing and systems since before data protection revolution was even considered.

How this works

  • Assess: An appraisal of the level of risk associated with data protection compliance and data security.
  • Roadmap: An approach that comes to understand how data is gathered, processed, stored, transferred and applied across the business, in order than new or revised processes can be applied.
  • Deliver: A prioritised and scoped action plan to achieve GDPR compliance
  • Support: We’re hands on throughout the process. And on hand for future data sanity checks.
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