IBM ILMT Managed Services

Managing IT Software environment has today become increasingly complex as new technologies emerge and business shifts alter the way IT infrastructure is managed. Also, ever increasing use of virtualisation, sub-capacity and cloud-based technologies has resulted in licensing of IBM software becoming increasingly difficult to track and manage.

You Are Accountable For Compliance

At DOT Group we work extensively with our IBM clients to ensure compliance with the IBM License Metric Tool  acronym as ILMT. IBM regularly audits organisations for compliance of Passport Advantage Agreement, and we always  ensure your usage does not exceed agreed limits.
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Download our 6 step guide to analyse IBM license entitlements, mitigate compliance exposure and  avoid surprise back-dated bills.

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PEACE of mind for the PVU/TB/RVU and end User licensing under one solution

Do you 'SIGN off' and submit reports to IBM every 90 Days? And who does this in your organisation?

Have you updated the hardware infrastructure in the past 6 months?

Are you confident that software solutions are installed and configured in agreement with your license terms? Are you sure you don't have software downloaded you are not entitled to?

Do you have any temporary (e.g Test) environments that have not been removed?

Are you able to monitor and control varying license rules?

Have you upgraded your servers in last 12 months up scaling your usage and leaving you non-compliant?

Are you running the latest version of IBM License Metric Tool?

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IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) as Service - How The DOT Group Can Help

We have helped save our customers thousands of pounds by staying compliant. We follow a seven step process to ensure you are never left in the dark and are fully prepared for an IBM audit. We’re IBM specialists. So implementation of the IBM Licence Metric Tool is one of our specialisms. And to ensure you stay on track, once the tool is in place our ILMT managed service serves as check-mate so you don’t get out-played by your ongoing licence requirements. We start with a complete health check to provide a baseline validation of your usage against your Passport Advantage entitlements.  We continuously monitor, access and mitigate your risk so you can use IBM software with complete peace of mind.
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