ILMT Managed Service

Stop thinking about your software licences merely as pawns in a more strategic game of IT infrastructure. It might not be all fun and games, but compliance commands you award these pawns their rightful recognition. Without them, the software game can’t even start. IBM’s Licence Metric Tool makes light work of this for you.

Devil’s in the detail

At least that’s the way your auditors see it. Our ILMT managed service helps business with your IBM licence specifics to prevent compliance exposure and surprise back-dated bills.

You’ll have one easy to maintain inventory of software and required licences. Detail that puts you in an audit-ready position without any internal panic.

ilmt managed service

Peace of mind for PVU

While ILMT is mandatory for PVU sub-capacity licensing, it also comes highly recommended for capturing all IBM SW utilisation. That’s enough jargon for now.

In short, to save yourself a fair whack of manual logging, not to mention the time and cost involved in that resource (on a regular basis), our managed service does it all for you. Stay on top and in tune with your licence requirements and don’t look back.

So good they give it away

Fair cop considering it’s mandatory for some businesses. But also an attractive entry point considering the hardware and installation factors. That’s where The Dot Group comes in.

We’re IBM specialists. So implementation of the IBM Licence Metric Tool is one of our specialisms. And to ensure you stay on track, once the tool is in place our ILMT managed service serves as check-mate so you don’t get out-played by your ongoing licence requirements.

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How this works

Consolidating compliance, garnering governance, simplifying software headaches.

  • Assess: We verify software and licence environments to determine compliance requirements, and, where necessary, recommend the most cost and time effective remediation steps.
  • Roadmap: Bespoke implementation based on existing hardware and software.
  • Deliver: A tool that’s accessible and comprehending of your IT estate to facilitate ease of licence governance.
  • Support: You choose. We’re on hand to apply tool upgrades or you can handle these in-house.
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