Big data

The volume and variety of data, plus the multitudinous actions your business wants to take from it is what’s crashing your desktop tools and software. To garner value from data on this scale, you need techniques and technologies.

Stop crashing your spreadsheets. Wake up to Big Data

Big Data refers to any and all data, structured and unstructured. The scale and associated challenges of Big Data are largely defined by the 5 Vs: data volume, data velocity, data veracity, data variance and data value. As a business, a solution that offers insight into and analysis of this vast and rapidly changing entity will drive smarter decisions and more strategic initiatives.

Technically speaking, a Big Data solution helps you manage costs (because data is expensive) while helping drive your business forward (by unleashing previously untapped data). From a business perspective, the end user tools that feature in Big Data solutions put the power of analysis back in the hands of your staff. Less time spent crunching data. More time learning from it for the optimisation of your business.

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Capture your data in a fashion that allows for constant growth

Even early adopters of Big Data solutions are struggling with sustainability and governance of data. More mature market solutions, like that offered by DOT, allow businesses to draw the lineage and traceability of any insight back to the source data. Our knowledge and experience of the data stack means we understand how traditional technologies are insufficient to support Big Data requirements.

People might be making a buzz about the 5Vs of Big Data right now, but we’ve been talking about each of them for the last 20 years across the data warehousing, data integration, data governance and data management solutions we’ve delivered for our clients. What’s more, with the depth of our relationship with IBM and the Big Data-ready state of their technologies, we’re primed for your starter’s gun, whenever you

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Enhance your business’s ability to house, process and analyse Big Data

Heard of Hadoop? It’s the big data thing that got everyone talking. But big data isn’t just Hadoop. With DOT on your team, you gain an understanding of all your data assets and the best technologies to support your business’s complete requirement.

If you’re not already doing Big Data, you have vast quantities of data in your business that you’re failing to derive value from. And your competitors are already doing it.

If you are already delving into Big Data, how are your existing systems coping? How cost effectively are you doing it? How is it governed?

Let’s see how we can help you implement robust big data solutions.

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How this works

  • Assess: Let’s start with your data: what data are you using, what data do you have access to but aren’t using, what data is there that you don’t even know you have, what data do you want but don’t know how to integrate.
  • Roadmap: The plan of attack could take one or two approaches depending on whether you’ve got vast unknown depths of data that we help you get to the value of and/or whether you have a business challenge that we use data discovery to help you overcome or achieve.
  • Deliver: Depending on the sector and the business challenge, implementation it could include exploration, proof of concept and/or technology implementation.
  • Support: By its very nature, this is too big to be too specific until we start talking about what you want to achieve.
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