IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Accelerating your journey to the cloud

Even with so much emphasis on cloud solutions and its benefits, only 20% of enterprise workloads have moved to the cloud. The slow adoption of cloud is because of complex enterprise workloads and enterprises search for a reliable, scalable cloud solution.

IBM Cloud Pak comes across as a robust solution that is being used by cloud-native start-ups as well as large enterprises. It delivers a containerised software solution that empowers enterprises to build contemporary cloud-native applications and simplify workloads with one core platform.

Why we feel IBM Cloud PAK is best suited for an enterprises journey to the cloud. Here are some benefits IBM Cloud Pak clients are seeing:

  • Reduce infrastructure management effort by 65–85%
  • Lower ETL requests by 25–65%
  • Improve productivity with faster development and deployment with cost savings of up to $1.2–3.4 million


ibm cloud pak for data

DOT Offerings for IBM Cloud Pak

The Dot Group has been one of the early partners to adopt the IBM Cloud Pak offering for data, as it is in line with our vision, skills, and expertise of delivering enterprise-class IBM data integration offerings in an easy to implement way, with flexible pricing to match your requirements.

Cloud Pak for Applications can help reduce development time to market by up to 84% by reducing the compute required and accelerating throughput of the CI/CD pipeline. It supports your enterprise’s application runtimes and offers key developer tools and modernization toolkits, DevOps, Apps/Ops Management, and a self-service portal.

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cloud pak for data

Why is DOT best placed in helping you with Cloud Pak for data?

Helping you get the best returns from IBM Software

  • 20 years + experience of addressing data management challenges
  • One of the first Cloud Pak sales in the UK
  • Our consultants are part of the Cloud Pak advisory board hence we are aware of the latest developments and upgrades, and in a position to offer the best advice.

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