Cognos Data Manager migrations

IBM retired Cognos Data Manager (CDM) in 2015. So CDM users will need to migrate from that ETL functionality to DataStage (still ETL, just shinier and more effective for your business).

Unsure about that?

Well however much you like the technology, it’s a product that won’t get any better and soon won’t be supported. And data management reliant on an ETL layer that’s not properly maintained, impacts the currency of your data and the effectiveness of your business in its marketplace.

So, as an IBM Premier Business Partner, The Dot Group is here to help your business deftly achieve this transition and garner business benefits while we’re at it.

Why DOT?

Well, first up we happen to have 17 years’ ETL experience. And secondly, DOT is the only consultancy to be working with IBM on a tool that accurately determines how much of your data real estate can be converted. Then where less than 100% of data can be converted, we’ll help your team convert the rest.

cognos data manager migrations

Assess & estimate

Roadmap & implementation

Improve & train

It’s time to switch and learn more about your business

Migrating technologies might not have you springing out of bed in the morning, but the headache of retaining retired solutions may well keep you awake at night in the long run. CDM won’t be supported for much longer and that’s an expensive headache to consider.

DataStage is a connected and supported technology. That means it will integrate well with other IT architecture and tools like those from IBM’s InfoSphere. All in, it will help your business mature its data governance and at no additional ongoing cost.

data manager migrations

How this works

  • Assess: exclusive to the DOT-IBM relationship is the CDM Migration Tool that we use to determine the scope of your project, what can be converted to DataStage and what needs an alternative approach.
  • Roadmap: a detailed plan of attack and cost estimate for completion.
  • Deliver: we run the code, verify the results, change documentation as required on what can be automatically converted, and our vastly experienced ETL partner will help convert the rest.
  • Support: whatever you need to stay up and running from ad hoc consultation to full offshore delivery.

Why choose The Dot Group?

DOT’s enviable relationship with IBM has led to the development of the CDM Migration Tool. That’s one fast and accurate way of assessing how much of your data estate can be converted. And while realistically, it won’t always be possible to convert 100% of CDM jobs, DOT’s ETL expertise will help your team overcome those stray elements.

Over the last 18 years we’ve actively worked in a range of environments solving code challenges. We’re not just trained at this, we live and breathe it.

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