Data Analytics

Effective business insight demands access to a centralised statement of record and a comprehensive analytics platform. Delve into your data, past and present, to spot trends and predict future ones. Achieve analytics capabilities that deliver reliable truths with DOT’s enterprise class, feature rich business analytics solution.

Analytics to suit you

You can’t govern data in spreadsheets. Stop! Ditch the departmental data pools and the resultant reliance on multiple versions of the truth.

Or are you battling with business intelligence platform of sorts that leaves you more baffled than bedazzled?

Either way, these aren’t sustainable, supportable or… governable.

Discover a scalable and performant analytics tool. Get faster access to your data. Deliver more robust and reliable data to your end users. Deploy the tool quickly and flexibly. If you’re caught between a rock and a hard place over the cost of sticking with the existing and the benefits of a whole new world, listen up: Our Data Analytics is fast to set-up so you’ll see appreciable time to value quickly.

Data Analytics

Know your customers better than they know themselves

Thought your customers’ behaviour was random? Think again. If you could envisage your customers’ behaviour before they get out of bed in the morning, campaign targeting and personalisation would be a cinch, wouldn’t it. Did we mention the ROI benefits too.

Transform your business’s raw data into a meaningful picture of your business through its numbers and industry position. Apply complex mathematical models to analyse what’s happening in your business over time. Grow your bottom line and drive competitive advantage through targeted customer relationships based on user behaviour, purchase trends and online activity. Get a grip of business reporting. Discover flexible analytics and enable ad hoc queries. Evaluate pricing structures. Deliver scorecards and dashboards for information dissemination.

Gain a product that gets to the bottom of the data available to you, wherever it’s stored. Extract insight you never knew you had. Employ learnings to optimise activities and processes across lead generation, CRM, risk management, fraud prevention and marketing.

Data Analytics

Your data’s trying to tell you something. We’re your expert translators.

Data Analytics converges data integration, business information and data warehousing to transform your raw data into meaningful information that you can use and analyse. We’re one of the few tech partners that spans data information and analytics. So what? Our solution is more robust, more complete and easier to support and scale, and therefore more cost effective long term. Our pragmatic approach will result in a truly bespoke solution that’s right your business.

Flexible deployment (on-premise, off-premise or in the cloud) ensures you’ll have a scalable and performant platform that is easy to run, vastly more cost effective long term and infinitely better at limiting your governance risks. The real outcomes? Surfacing maximum value and insight, increasing speed to decision to exploit new business opportunities.

Data Analytics

How this works

Reducing risk and cost, increasing speed to decision, exploiting new business opportunities.

  • Assess: We get to grips with what your business wants to achieve, understand the limitations of its existing technology and product, review the existing data model and data integration set-up, discover the data you don’t know you have and that which you have but don’t know how to integrate.
  • Roadmap: Ultimately bespoke, prioritized and costed, a detailed to do list optimally sequences the business steps that remove existing pain points to deliver earliest business value alongside long term strategic goals and benefits.
  • Deliver: Bespoke per the roadmap, sector and the business challenge it could include exploration, proof of concept and technology implementation but our background means we have the tools, processes and accelerators to make this happen as efficiently as possible.
  • Support: You choose: you can run it yourselves or we can manage it for you, or work to somewhere in between – it’ll become apparent what’s best once we start talking about what you want to achieve.
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