Data Discovery

Take the first step towards translating  your data to profitability

Most businesses today have leveraging their data assets on their agenda. The role of Chief Data/Privacy officers (CDO/CPOs) is switching from defence to offense to leading digital strategies. But it’s often a challenge to prioritise where to start to unlock data-driven innovation.

  • Prioritisation is critical just to be able to operate in the current environment and essential for transforming
  • Armed with data you can transform the way you operate – provide better customer service, maintain high privacy standards and leverage new technologies like AI.


Data Discovery

Get virtual glasses for insights into your data

DETECT helps identify the blind spots in enterprise data and empowers you to realise the benefits that a robust and unified data architecture can bring. It is the first step towards creation of a single data layer that forms a robust foundation for your business data needs. DETECT is an agentless service that has three key components to:

Analyse operational data

  • Know how much data you hold and where?
  • Get clarity of run times, usability and storage

Forensic view of business data

  • Analyse data from multiple sources
  • Helps identify Redundant, Trivial and Obsolete (ROT) data.

Visualise your data landscape and prioritise corrective action

Data Discovery

Put your arms around your data and take informed decisions


DETECT for privacy and compliance

Not knowing where data compliance and data security gaps are, can cost you a lot.

Usually businesses end up spending on overhauling the whole data warehouse and supporting infrastructure in order to avoid non-compliance.

DETECT uncovers specific data security issues and gaps which could be leaving you vulnerable.

Don’t assume the worst and react. Analyse and prioritise corrective action, saving up to 70% of your compliance spend.


Save data preparation time for machine learning and AI

DETECT has been used extensively to get data ready for virtualisation, gaining insights using analytics and getting data ready for AI.

Identify if data is tagged properly to enable machine learning and ensure data sets are large enough for applying AI.

According to a research firm, analysts spend around 60 to 80 percent of their time on data preparation instead of analysis.

Save Data Preparation Time with DETECT

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Get a complete picture of your Operational and Business Data and priortise corrective actions.

Find out how you can "DETECT" enterprise data blindspots.

DETECT data blindspots
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