Structured Data Discovery

Information Governance for Structured Data

Do you understand your structured data and what kind of data you are keeping?  Do you have data in your structured data stores that constitutes a risk to your business or reputation?  Are you running un-anonymised or unmasked production data in a non-production environment?

There is no AI (Artificial Intelligence)  without  a sound IA (Information Architecture)

Structured data gets lost in the more exciting discussions about 'Big Data' or next generation technologies. However, good old relational, structured data is still being generated by many business-critical systems and is CRUCIAL for business success.

In fact, we believe it to be vitally important to be able to use your data for the more interesting things, like AI and Predictive Analytics. So how can your organisation ensure you meet your obligations for data management? We provide a robust data lifecycle management solution based on IBM's OptIm product. It is a complete lifecycle solution moving relational data out of data stores without breaking your remaining data and eventually deleting it completely once you’re obliged to remove it from your organisation.

structured data discovery

Let's start with your data

Assess your data assets, priortise and build a data management roadmap to achieve business goals of better compliance, cost reduction or monetising your data assets.

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