Data governance

Do you know where all your data is, where it came from, how to access it and how it’s secured? It’s probably about time you did.

Want your data to be like a stable of thoroughbreds? Let us be your champion trainer

Your data’s unique. The policies in place to manage and protect it should be too. It matters what kind of data you’re responsible for, how your business uses it and adheres to data compliance requirements.

Don’t let the words ‘compliance’, ‘data lineage’, ‘traceability’ and ‘accountability’ leave you baffled or bumbling. Those dull yet ever so important regulatory and compliance requirements become a cinch with a decent data governance product installed.

One size doesn’t fit all.
That’s where we come in

Just like that stable of thoroughbreds, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to data governance, but understanding and protecting its lineage is vital. DOT’s information governance solutions improve data quality, create a master view of data entities, protect sensitive data and secure enterprise data.

Review the here and now with DOT’s experienced consultants. Optimise current processes with their guidance. Apply practices appropriate for your type of data. If you need supporting technology to achieve that, we’ll deliver that too.

data governance

Make decisions based on data you understand and trust

The confidence of knowing your business is in sync and compliant will enable you to focus on driving what matters most. Only now you’ll have the ability to ooze reassurance to your customers, gaining their trust and peace of mind, without doubting the reality of your infrastructure.

Rest assured your information is accurate and secure.

data security

How this works

  • Assess: We’ll define your data governance responsibilities, processes and concerns.
  • Roadmap: We’ll find what out you’ve got (data discovery), assess how you’re handling it (behaviour of current technology) and what technologies are needed to overcome your data governance challenges.
  • Deliver: Time to apply new or optimise current practices and technologies appropriate for your data.
  • Support: Choose to run it yourselves, we can manage it for you, or we can find a suitable middle ground.
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