Data Governance

After last years push on tightening data governance controls brought about by the GDPR scare, most businesses have found their workarounds to avoid any fines. But are these measures sufficient to maintain the integrity, control and governance of sensitive data? ICO, in its January 2018 survey, reports that NO one feels fully adept to manage the explosion of structured and unstructured data that we see today. Data catalogs organise data making it easier to govern and access data.

As a data steward what are the key data challenges that keep you up at night?
Data Governance

Future Proof Measures

How do I ensure that governance policies and compliance are future proof? More data is added to the business every second and business growth calls for new systems and applications to be implemented. How does that effect the governance infrastructure we have today?

Accessibility of Data

There doesn’t have to be an inverse relationship between the governance policies around data and data accessibility. Instead well cataloged data is easier to govern and quicker to retrieve. Its as simple as if you know the name and location of the data, you can get it quicker. That's what a data catalog can achieve for you.

Chronicle is a solution to catalog your data so you can harness the power of that data and get it ready for reuse, and prepare for machine learning or AI. It is essential for any organisation looking to centralise the governance of data and establish standard data management practices.

Data Governance

The key features of Data Catalog include –

Business Glossary: Create standard definitions of data that are understood and used throughout your organisation.  For example, an “entity” might mean different things to different people within the organisation. Create a common definition for it and ensure common usage.

Information asset repository:  Collect all data assets in a centralised repository. Store all assets in a structured format using meta data information collected via various information sources.

Improve searchability of data: Be quick in addressing Subject Access requests or e-discovery requirements by retrieving relevant data. Data accessibility as rated as one of the main challenges faced by data scientists today. Data scientists are known to spend up to 80% of their time searching for data.

Trusted data lineage: Data lineage includes the data origin, what happens to it and where it moves over time. Data lineage gives visibility while greatly simplifying the ability to trace errors back to the root cause in a data analytics process. Chronicle provides a complete data lineage.

Data Governance

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