Enterprise Data Integration

A study by IDC titled Data Age 2025 — predicts worldwide data creation will grow to an enormous 163 zettabytes (ZB) by 2025. That’s ten times the amount of data produced in 2017!

Enterprise data is growing fast and 80% of it is unstructured. Data growth is an opportunity and with data integration you can make sure that all structured and unstructured data is brought together to drive business value.

Data Integration - The connecting tissue of business data

Most organisations seek to leverage the value of their data by:

  • Collecting unstructured information from Internet-of-things (IOT) devices and provide game changing insights
  • Making data available from disparate sources into one master data platform and provide 360 degree view of the customer
  • Enable business applications for BI, machine learning or AI.

These are just some of the use cases how connecting different data sources can help unleash the power of data.

Download the survey report "Data Integration Reaches an Inflection Point" 


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Are you ready to leverage the value of your data assets?

Data integration projects may sound simple - Gather your business’s information from multiple sources or business silos, import and classify it so you know what you’ve got, where it is stored or archived and who can access it, and achieve one single view of the truth to empower your business with knowledge.

But we are confident that as a data steward you know better and are aware of the challenges of data integration. We at The Dot Group specialise in enterprise data migration and have helped organisations who face data integration challenges triggered by a merger or acquisition, a cloud migration strategy, inability to service new business applications and the struggle to have control over the data for compliance and application of common governance policies.

Read how we have helped a client achieve real-time data integration, reduce the cost of manufacturing and achieve guaranteed performance, efficiency and reusability of data.

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Choose the right data integration product and partner

The data integration tool market is resurging as new requirements for hybrid/intercloud integration, active metadata and augmented data management force a rethink of existing practices. The competitive landscape of this market reflects vendors’ pursuit of a more comprehensive offering strategy in support of a broad range of use cases, and to capitalise on new demand.

If you are struggling to put together disparate sources of data, book our complimentary data integration health check.

Why The DOT Group?

IBM solutions are often seen as monolithic and very expensive. That's where choosing the right partner for implementation is very important. The Dot Group makes implementation of IBM solutions

  • Stress-free implementation for your business using our fast start accelerators
  • Quick return on investment typically within three months of implementation
  • Flexible options of payment and implementation

Talk to one of our consultants today if you are looking for a "Robust, true enterprise-class solution for data integration" at a price and deliver model that fits your needs.


Typical implementation methodology

  • Assess: Let’s start by defining the target point for all your data, then we’ll locate and profile all the sources (yes, all of them) and determine the support requirements.
  • Roadmap: The planning is all about devising a sequence of delivery for getting data from A to B.
  • Deliver: Execution of your solution involves establishing transformation rules, data models and a management framework.
  • Support: You choose: you can run it yourselves or we can manage it for you, or work to somewhere in between.
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