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Live GDPR Governance Catalogue and XLS Ingestion

It's hardly surprising that only 1.64% of businesses are feeling fully ready for the General Data Protection Regulation. The General Data Protection Regulation requires you to maintain records on processing purposesdata sharing and retention. And if the ICO wants your records, you're going to have to make all records available on request.

Don't take refuge in Excel Sheets

ICO doesn't really prescribe how records of all the data you hold is kept. However,  it does suggest that organisations should not “seek refuge” in Excel sheets as they are static and data governance is not a one-time exercise but an ongoing responsibility. A tool that centralises all data records in one location and allows a compliance managers or Data Protection officer to update new records, delete old ones and search for information in existing data is ideal for meeting all requirements of the article 30 under GDPR regulations.

If you have done a data compliance exercise and don't want to wait another year to do another herculean project again, this is an ongoing GDPR management solution.

Address Subject Access Requests (SAR'S) ►  Know exactly where your data is and how to retrieve it.

Get a Live GDPR Register►   If you already had a GDPR audit and  a record of your data you are one step away from  having a complete, proactive and ongoing compliance solution with DOT's governance catalogue and GDPR XLS ingestion solution.

Don't let data audits bring your business to a halt►  Don't waste valuable resources and time in reporting back to auditors. Be fully prepared with data records available at your fingertips.

GDPR data governance

Create an active GDPR Glossary

If you would like us to create a GDPR governance catalogue or would like an active library of GDPR register you have on a static excel sheet, request a demo using your sample data.

Create my live GDPR register
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