Master data management (MDM)

Create and manage a master copy of all your company’s data to enable better commercial decisions and accelerate outcomes.

One 360 view of your business. No magic wand in sight

Master Data Management (MDM) creates a single trusted view of your business’s critical data that is ordinarily held and used in-department with minimal governance or control. It brings customer, supplier, partner, product or account data into one governed place. It irons out the wrinkles in duplicate data to achieve an authoritative and accurate consolidation of your data. It delivers a single master view of what you need to know about your customers.

Improve sales, customer experience and retention by personalising and understanding each individual customer’s needs before they even step in your store, land on your website or phone your call centre. Behind the scenes, use it to drive product innovation, supply chain efficiency and traceability.

Achieve a trusted, single perspective

DOT’s MDM solutions have been telling businesses their life stories for the past 17 years, long before the industry coined the MDM acronym.

If you’re handling customer data at all, an MDM solution will bring it all together under one roof. It will facilitate the control and governance of the single perspective. And far better than anything you may be able to build, maintain and cost in-house.

master data management

Ditch disparate and duplicate data

With your data cleaned up and all in one place, an MDM product will also protect it and access it in all its clarity whenever you want. Watch as your data storage costs fall. Action campaigns and launch products trusting the data their founded on. Track your product from source to door.

All that’s left to do is savour the optimised return on investment.

How this works

  • Assess: We’ll establish what you mean by master data and which data entities do you want a single view of, then we’ll set about profiling those data sources.
  • Roadmap: The route to delivery will involve data discovery, an evaluation of your existing technology and detailed delivery to do list.
  • Deliver: During the delivery period you’ll catch us finding data, moving data, working with you to refine the data rules (i.e. data quality tuning) and integrating the product into your end user systems and processes.
  • Support: You can run it yourselves or we can manage it for you, or work to somewhere in between.
duplicate data
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