Data Archiving

Resolve Data Challenges and get back control

As a data steward what are the key data challenges that keep you up at night?  We have listed a few commonly stated data challenges -

  • Growth of unstructured data and lack of governance to manage it
  • Non-availability of data for data scientists, internal or external auditors
  • Siloed data that is unsuitable for business usage and monetisation
  • Redundant, obsolete and trivial data eating up storage costs
  • Continuous pressure to maintain data compliance and risk management


Data Archiving

How do you address data issues?

What you need is a holistic solution that manages the data from requirements to retirement. A robust data governance platform equips businesses to achieve their goals while reducing risk. The DOT Group's proprietary solution Resolve provides the robust information architecture required to manage unstructured data and structured data alike.  Some of the key functionalities are -


  • Manages data (Unstructured and Structured) at the business-object level
  • Preserves both the relational integrity of the data and its original business context
  • Data analysis capabilities - capture hidden correlations and bring them into view
  • Techniques include: single-source and cross-source data overlap analysis, advanced matching, key discovery and transformation logic discovery.
  • Enforce test data management policies
  • Over 30 pre-defined data classifications and 40 pre-defined data privacy rules
  • Automate data comparisons and analyse results
  • An intuitive, online interface and full-function browse utility helps to eliminate time consuming, error prone table by table comparisons
Data Archiving

How is RESOLVE being used?

  • Consolidation of data – Consolidating various data sets after a merger or acquisition and ensuring security of the complete data empire.
  •  Test Data Management - Accurate test data improves application development and testing quality, which is why the most demanding application development teams require that their test data be populated from production databases frequently. It is not unusual for a Test Data Management (TDM) program to maintain six to eight full clones/copies of the production database for use as test and development instances. Without proper automation, provisioning test data is not only inefficient, time-consuming and storage intensive, but it could also potentially expose sensitive data to unauthorized persons.
  • Archiving – Is your archived data difficult to search or gain insight from? Is redundant obsolete and trivial data clogging up your primary storage? make massive savings on the cost of storage, while retaining instant access to all your archived data with a simple, monitorable, and auditable trail. Point of recovery from tapes is difficult and time consuming. Retrieve data when needed, quickly.

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Prioritizing which data challenges to fix can be difficult especially with different functions within the enterprise have different objectives.

Find out how "Resolve" can help achieve enterprise data goals.

Find out we RESOLVE data challenges
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