Unstructured Data Discovery

Unstructured Data Discovery

Do you know how much you have? Do you know where its stored or located? Have you just been hoarding everything  in a data lake? and importantly does it store any Personal Identifiable Data?

Derive business value from what you think is imperfect data

The Industry has been talking about "BIG DATA" for 20 years. Many organisations have adopted Unstructured Data technologies to cope with the digital detritus that is generated organizationally.

If you are struggling to answer the question of what data you have and how to manage it, you are not alone.

HOW ARE COMPANIES USING BIG DATA? ►  According to leading research analysts, an incredibly small portion of the world's data is ever actually analysed, reaching a grand total of less than 1%.

MORE THAN HALF SUFFERS FROM DATA ROT►  It’s also acknowledged by leading governance bodies that approximately 60% PLUS of that unstructured data will be redundant, obsolete or trivial (ROT) data!

GROWTH IS COMPOUNDING THE ISSUE►  With IoT, AI, Solutions-as-a-Service business models, research analysts predict that data volume will grow 800% over the next five years. Up to 80% of that data will be completely unstructured.

Unstructured data management

Discover the true potential of unstructured data

To be a more agile, responsive and data responsible business you will need to enable everyone across the business to find the data they need, understand its meaning, context, and lineage, and trust that it’s right. Take the first step in realising full potential of your data.

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