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Why DBMSs Matter More than Ever in the Big Data Era

Big data promises valuable insights that are enticing organizations to invest in analytics and BI tools. Yet many overlook the need for a DBMS that can stand up to the strain big data places on the underlying infrastructure.

Understanding Big Data so you can act with confidence

A solid information integration and governance program should include automated discovery, profiling and understanding of diverse data sets. IBM InfoSphere is designed to do all of these things by evolving information integration and governance to meet the challenges presented by big data.

The top five ways to get started with big data

The term ‘Big Data’ has become so prevalent in the business lexicon that sometimes it’s hard to remember that big data is a relatively recent phenomenon. Make no mistake, data is an asset – but not when you’re drowning in it. In the information age, one of your greatest resources can also be your biggest downfall if your organization doesn’t know how to leverage it properly. So what can you do with your data?

Performance and Capacity Implications for Big Data

The purpose of this IBM Red Paper, written in January 2014, is to consider the performance and capacity implications of Big Data solutions, which must be taken into account for them to be viable.

Governance Moves Big Data from Hype to Confidence

This research article from Unisphere Research discusses how big data affects user confidence in data and what is keeping companies from launching initiatives based on new technologies.

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