Whitepapers - Data Warehousing

Why DBMSs Matter More than Ever in the Big Data Era

Big data promises valuable insights that are enticing organizations to invest in analytics and BI tools. Yet many overlook the need for a DBMS that can stand up to the strain big data places on the underlying infrastructure.

Simple is STILL better – PureData System for Analytics

First generation warehouses were not designed to manage data at today’s volume or variety. Coercing older technologies to satisfy new demands can be inefficient and costly. Read how IBM PureData System for Analytics, using Netezza technology, is built for simplicity and speed.

Delivering Trusted Infromation for the modern data warehouse

An agile, next-generation warehouse environment helps organizations capitalize on analytics, optimize performance and uncover new insights. This eBook describes the capabilities and enabling technologies required to provide trusted information for a next-generation data warehouse.

DB2 with BLU Acceleration – A rapid adoption guide

This article introduces DB2 with BLU Acceleration and demonstrates how you can start leveraging BLU technology for your applications and data. It introduces several scenarios for adopting BLU.

DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration – Dynamic In-Memory Analysis for Big Data era

The DB2 10.5 release delivers one of the most game-changing technologies ever produced by the IBM Information Management development teams. IBM wrote this book with the intention of presenting to you those features that they think will prove to be most noteworthy.

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