Data's Been Our Thing at The DOT Group Since 1998

Data is one of your most strategic assets at the heart of your digital journey. Our purpose is to ensure that you maximise the potential of your data, optimising your path and identifying every opportunity along the way.

Our clients know us as trusted advisors who deliver and we, in turn, trust our team based on their industry leading capabilities. Many of our people have been industry leaders and we bring seniority as standard.

We are a data engineering company who are all about end delivery of solutions and services. We want to change your data world and are at our most satisfied when we have delivered that change.

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Accelerate your data-driven transformation

Put your data concerns to rest


  • Knowledge is power so find out what you don’t know about your data.
  • Identify vulnerabilities and resolve them before they negatively affect your business.
  • Uncover opportunities of reducing cost of storing data.
  • Give you the confidence and clarity of your data estate.


  • Ensure corporate policies are enforced across the business.
  • Make information visible and accessible making it easier to address subject access requests.
  • Establish common business language and glossary.
  • Document and enact policies and rules and track data lineage.


  • Optimise the cost of data storage and eliminate ROT (Redundant, Obsolete or Trivial Data)
  • Eliminate risk of non-compliance.
  • Data readiness for analytics, AI or any other transformation projects.

The DOT Way

We pride ourselves on the range of solutions and capabilities we offer across the full suite of data challenges. Being technology agnostic is pivotal to that. And it's central to our ethos of working in the way that's best for your business, because 'out of the box' doesn't always fit. Whatever the shape or scale of your project, DOT's five step approach ensures a strategic approach with clear communication and all-party engagement.

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To kick start every project ensuring goals are aligned between our client, project lead and consultants.


  • Engagement initiation – hello, what and why
  • Establish project governance – who and how we’d approach it
  • Project kick off



To determine current capabilities and expected outcomes. To identify what business stakeholders require of the solution.


  • Architecture assessment
  • Data assessment
  • Systems assessment
  • Requirements documentation



To transform the business requirements into a specification to guide the build of the system.


  • Solution architecture
  • Data modeling
  • Database design
  • Infrastructure design



To translate the output of the Design phase into a working system.

To prove that the working system meets the business requirements.

To deploy all elements of the solution in the production environment.


  • Stand up environments
  • Develop code
  • Execute test strategy
  • Execute implementation plan



To maintain the working system to meet required service levels.

To continuously improve the system to ensure that it meets ongoing business needs.


  • Service management
  • Service improvement
  • Solution enhancement

Ensure Data is not the unknown variable in your business success

Data is growing at rate of 62% year on year. It offers an opportunity to add positive value to your business by enabling better customer insight, taking better informed decisions or running your processes more efficiently. However, data can negatively affect your business.

The (Information Commissioner's Office) issued the most - and largest - fines ever in 2018, including 11 fines totalling over £6 million to organizations in the UK for serious data security breaches. Financial fines also result in reputational damage which is often irreparable.

So, is your data your biggest asset or liability?

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