One of the UK’s largest media and publishing groups commissioned DOT to provide a common management reporting platform for group advertising across all of their major titles.

The reports were designed to allow managers, senior personnel and directors to view the whole business at a summarized level, giving them an understanding of all publications, their revenues, costs and provide cross period and regional results. This consisted of providing the advertising executives with a view of the bookings they had made in any given day, the current status of the bookings, page makeup and allowed comparisons against budget. The reporting system was specifically designed and developed by our consultants to provide the following information for the varying levels of users;

  • Production of strategic advertising key performance indicators (KPI) for Classified Yield Management
  • Profitability per page and resource utilization (i.e. booking clerk)
  • Production of Management Information reporting including forward bookings analysis and period on period reporting
  • Strategic Display Yield Management (pool value) analysis
  • Reporting real-time yield analysis against media agency requirements
  • Reporting of bookings by client as well as agent and strategic (period to period) analysis of spend, including top and bottom tier rankings by volume, revenue and other factors such as by account discount thresholds
  • Reporting and capturing all changes to booked adverts, in order to assist in operational efficiency of booking clerks, as well as provide audit trail for cash reconciliations
  • Reporting revenue across different titles per advertising client per circulation day.