Molinare Case Study

The requirements for secure and high-speed data transfers increased as collaborative teams became increasingly global. As a result, obtaining visibility into accelerated transfer tasks quickly became a critical business priority for Molinare, one of the well-known facilities in the media and entertainment industry.

Our Client

Molinare is an award-winning post production company with over 40 years of experience in the entertainment industry. The company's headquarters is based in the heart of London, however, their set of services are offered to their clientele in TV, documentaries, film, culture and video games across the globe.

Molinare has been involved in post production for many notable credits, including Peaky Blinders, Killing Eve, The Last Kingdom and The Truth Seekers.

The company combines creative, technical, and managerial staff with services that span from Visual Effects, Sound, VFX, Library & Data Management services, International Servicing, Screening room, Post Production Project Management and more.

Molinare's long-standing experience and heritage have allowed them to develop a deep understanding of post production workflows and procure leading-edge technology to ensure high-speed performance and flexibility for their clients.

As the demand for their remote solutions increased during the pandemic, Molinare sought to fasten and optimise its content delivery process to fit the emerging requirements.

Their objective was to deploy a solution that can transfer large data files at the highest possible speed, with maximum security, and complete control of the transfer process in real-time.

The Challenge

Diverse needs

With various content types, including audio and video files, the data transfer process required a detailed and real-time overview of each task in the queue to ensure timely content delivery.

Fast turn around

Content had to be transferred without delays and bottlenecks. The needle-moving ability for Molinare was enabling content transfers to This easy access capability would save the team’s valuable time by streamlining their operational processes.

Large amounts of content

Large data files can get bandwidth-heavy and influence other tasks that require high-speed processing power. Molinare needed a solution that would ensure transfer rates are carefully controlled, optimising throughput without affecting the performance of other mission-critical applications.

Geographic distance

Working with clients across the globe meant finding a distance-agnostic solution and will serve the purpose of uninterrupted file transfers regardless of the geographic position of senders or receivers.


Maintaining control and visibility over each file delivery was of paramount importance at Molinare. This capability would help regulate the transfer pipeline and save admin time in the process.

Choice in transfer priorities

Re-prioritising content transfers in mid-transfer was essential to stay on top of emerging client requirements and address them efficiently if and when needed.

Ensuring added security

Molinare was looking to encrypt data files while in transit and at rest to add an extra layer of protection for their client's pre-released content.

Ease of use

Enabling the operational team to send, receive, and re-prioritise files meant Molinare's IT department could focus on the other business-critical tasks at hand.

The Solution

DataSprint is Dot's high-performance file transfer solution that uses IBM's industry-leading FASP protocol to move data files with great speed, security, and reliability. Dot's personalised approach to the client's requirements allowed Molinare to simplify the installation, perform integrity verification, and tailor the solution to optimise the transfer process and reduce manual interventions.

Complete pipeline supervision

On top of DataSprint's intuitive, flexible, and feature-rich web user interface, Dot helped Molinare go a step further with the DataSprint+ Supervising Dashboard. This feature helped maintain complete control of each file transfer in real-time from one consolidated view. As a result, Molinare gained detailed insight into a minute of how, when, and where each file landed. Additionally, DataSprint+ helped ensure tight SLAs were met every time.

Prioritise according to latest business demands

DataSprint allowed Molinare to keep its agility in large data transfers by allowing for re-prioritisation of file transfers. Re-prioritisation meant that if there was an urgent transfer requirement, Molinare could respond effectively by readjusting the priorities of transfer tasks. This ability was a beneficial addition to their transfer process, as it helped ensure a priority-sensitive approach to the client's requirements and maintain trusting relationships in the process.

Shortened transfer time - 100TB in just 24 hours

By deploying DataSprint, Molinare accelerated its file transfers with ultra-fast and unlimited file transfers, enabled by industry-leading FASP protocol. Now, Molinare can send vast amounts of content across the globe in a shortened time period.

Highly secure transfers across the globe

Dot ensured Molinare protects all content transfers with client-side encryption at rest. As a result, Molinare's clients could download received files, yet, access to files was granted after inputting the protective password that allowed files to decrypt.

Additionally, DataSprint integrates with Irdeto TraceMark, the world's leader in digital platform security, which can be deployed to provide even more protection if the client decides to opt for this choice.

Automated bandwidth control

utilises the latest technology advancements that outperform the traditional FTP technology with dynamic bandwidth control to maintain optimal business performance. As a result, Molinare saved admin time while enabling other mission-critical applications to run uninterrupted.

In words of our client:

"We are continuously sending and receiving large amounts of data, mostly video and audio content, on behalf of our clients, and we have seen this increase significantly during the pandemic.

The data needs to be sent quickly and securely, and we need to be working with a partner that can offer a highly reliable solution whilst remaining cost-effective.

The Dot Group and DataSprint offered the core service that we were after.

Additionally, their competent and insightful support enabled us to set up DataSprint+ which gives us oversight of the file delivery process. This has allowed us to make sure our client’s expectations are always met.

We have been extremely happy with The Dot Group’s personalised service.”

Darren Woolfson – Director of Technology and Visual Services at Molinare

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