IBM Aspera And Dot Group Help Media and Entertainment Organisations Elevate Their Content Transfers

The pressures of modern workloads and fast-changing conditions within the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry are causing film production houses to get lost in the sea of possible solutions.

Companies have started to modernise their file transfers; however, it's not that easy to design a tailored, sustainable, and cost-effective solution.


The challenges pressurising M&Es:

  • Protection of intellectual property and growing transfer security needs
  • The demand for faster file uploads and downloads between remote team members
  • Maintaining transfer visibility, control and agility; growing necessity to shift transfer priorities on-demand
  • An increase in demand for 4K video and higher bitrate creates large files, so transfer solutions with capped transfer sizes plus the pay-as-you-consume pricing model are no longer a viable option
  • As high-quality video demand is increasing - production costs grow
  • New business models and payment terms shrink margins and threaten profitability

However, while the challenges are shared, every M&E company has unique file transfer requirements.

M&E companies have a task to right-size the transfer solution to solve the current state of industry challenges while ensuring it's agile enough to meet any upcoming fluctuating conditions. Every company requirement should be addressed with industry insight and the knowledge of the data systems that keep the show running.

Download the whitepaper

In this Whitepaper, discover:

  • The (M&E) industry trends — where are we now and where we are headed
  • How IBM Aspera helps solve the M&E emerging requirements
  • The secret ingredient added by the IBM Aspera Experts, the Dot Group

Find out the moving pieces of the file transfer process and how you can start building a solid foundation for your current data transfer needs while ensuring an agile future.

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