Optimise Aspera for maximum benefits

In the fast-moving and technology-focused era, many companies face the task of finding the best technology combination to serve their unique use case. Most often, finding the right tool comes with a pressing need that requires fast resolution. Furthermore, legacy systems built over the years bear additional questions such as — How to optimise the existing technology for cost-effective and right-fitted future applications? 

In the case of using Aspera, the rapid migration towards a digital-first approach created a new imperative – fastening the data distribution process while enabling business-critical applications to run uninterrupted. 

Nowadays, taking a holistic approach to data management is quickly becoming the differentiating factor for effectively deploying data file transfer tools, such as Aspera. 

Bringing industry-leading Aspera knowledge to enable a clear direction for various use cases is what we do here at Dot. In this post, we want to point Aspera users towards maximising the software for the highest ROI. 

Improve your data journey with THE Aspera experts

The intricate data journey starts with understanding where you currently stand with your data models to meet your future goals effectively. 

Know where you stand  

The expanding IT systems complexity calls for a deeper understanding of the current data system configuration. When technology infrastructure and software go through fast innovation, results can lead to overlooked and yet, beneficial features that can help improve the bottom line. The legacy systems that companies built over the years don’t always utilise all of the software components efficiently, especially if different teams have no clear insight into their shared data estate.  

Therefore, before venturing into data distribution improvements, the primary focus for companies should be understanding the current configuration of data estate while also contemplating possible future requirements that would need attention. This way, you can identify the most optimal technology mix such as infrastructure, components and software features for tailored transfer improvements. 

Take a holistic requirements overview 

Sometimes companies don’t consider the underpinning infrastructure configuration until they are pressured to do so. The challenge of ignoring key data management ingredients such as data storage can easily backfire on you in terms of making ill-informed procurement decisions.  

The negative results of such decisions can include: 

  • Underutilised storage capacity 
  • Increasing costs of procuring a quick-fix solution 
  • Wasted efforts of your IT team 

For this reason, right-sizing and configuring your data storage, including performing data backups, optimising data storage costs, or securing cloud-based or on-premise storage capacity, should be an essential part of your data management strategy. It’s also a critical step towards Aspera’s maximum utilisation.  

Final thoughts 

Dot brings former Aspera and IBM engineers’ expert insight to the forefront of your requirements to identify the perfect configuration that can serve your most complex data challenges. Additionally, Dot offers Data Storage Optimisation service that can help gain further clarity on how your storage and backup capabilities could align with your business demands. 

As Aspera experts, we also offer a free of charge Aspera Review that can help elevate your data transfer process to a new level of efficiency. 

In summary, if you want to review and optimise Aspera for maximum benefits, improve upon your data journey, or wish to discuss your infrastructure configuration CALL US. 

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