We are excited about our partnership with Informatica and it is timely as our clients look to achieve data-driven digital transformations. Informatica’s enterprise cloud data management platform will allow our customers to be more agile and responsive and unleash the power of enterprise data.

The DOT Group has been providing data integration solutions for over 20 years. We help organisations at every step of their data management journey – helping them choose the right data management platform, get better results from it or scale it across various business units. Informatica is the world’s number one independent provider of data integration software and hence the perfect partner for The DOT Group.

For our clients choosing Informatica as their preferred data management technology, we offer consulting, implementation, support and ongoing management. Why choose The DOT Group as your Informatica implementation partner?

  • We deliver accessible, secure, and relevant data no matter whether it is in the cloud, on-premises, or somewhere in between.
  • We provide solutions that help you govern your data holistically so you stay compliant while fueling analytics and customer initiatives with quality, protected data.
  • We help you answer new questions and uncover intelligent insights by fueling your analytics with trusted, timely, and actionable data.
  • Our solutions help you discover intelligent customer insights so you can deliver exceptional and highly personalised customer experiences.
  • We bring together our knowledge and expertise of the Informatica product and our extensive experience in the data management space to ensure client success.

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