Your vision delivered

We've been at our client's side, and client-side for decades, actively transforming your world. Delivering services, Dot Group services, are a sophisticated blend of product, power and ingenuity.


The Dot Services Suite

Keeping your business running productively with efficient technology solutions in place is what you need and what Dot Group services provide. Our strength of purpose in pursuit of excellence ensures that we pioneer together while exceeding expected progress. However long you’ve had a technology environment in situ, times change as do business needs. You might be seeking a one off assessment or a regular review of your technology implementations. You may need end-to-end implementation support or just help executing and optimising to drive relevant outcomes. Wherever your need sits, data's our thing and we can provide the consultants, the expertise and the optimisations, you require.

Data's Their Thing

We’d be underselling our consultants if we didn’t refer to them as world experts in data integration and data modelling. To say that data's their thing is something of an understatement. They totally have the advantage when it comes to data warehouse design, building a seamless solution to integrate data from multiple sources. Rest assured, we know what good looks like and they are the very best at delivering optimally designed data technologies. Data's their thing, day in, day out, business focussed and business critical is business as usual for Dot Group consultants.

Think of our consultants as part of a holistic human/technology hybrid that wraps up processes, infrastructure and skills required to elicit value from unfathomable quantities of data in its various formats. The outcome? Your business: efficient and ahead of the competition.

Growing Your Future Data

Technology needs servicing every now and then, just like a car, to ensure it’s fit for purpose and fuel efficient. With the right infrastructure and environment reviews in place you’ll be business confident that the data you’ve got is working its hardest for you, that it’s secure and traceable, and that it’s driving efficiencies and productivity across the company. Your business: ready to drive future data success.