Data integration health check

Data management and data integration are more likely to induce insomnia than excitement even in the most dedicated data protection officer. A data integration solution that considers Big Data and analytics both holistically and in a future thinking fashion could be the answer to a good night’s sleep. Let’s see...

Smart storage

A forward thinking data management platform is one that can evolve as data volume and velocity does too. It’s a platform that enables both the collection, organisation and cleansing of data as well as flexible access for data analysts according to the information they need to collect at any given time.

Augment existing data environments

With the advent of Big Data, AI and IoT, the legacy concept of a data warehouse could be considered obsolete. But hold your horses. Big Data providers like us (in reality, data management professionals) resolve this potentially archaic data problem with a data integration platform that brings warehousing systems into the 21st century.

Data integration framework

In understanding your data maturity and data pain points alongside the vast data opportunities, we’re best placed to turn your data challenge into a data optimisation programme. A smart data integration framework starts with achievable, company-wide goals, so everyone understands the path to success. The data integration roadmap factors in observed challenges, considers the optimal options for realising data insight requirements and how to best deliver them.

Data integration health check

Why Dot?

The Dot Group does data; it’s as simple as that. We’ve been living and breathing data management, warehousing, integration and compliance for more than 20 years. We’re an IBM Premier Business Partner delivering top notch software and systems solutions for big business.

How this works

  • Assess: Whether you’re starting from basecamp or improving existing business intelligence functionality and what that currently looks like.
  • Roadmap: A step by step steer of how we’ll get you from your current data landscape to what you’re trying to achieve.
  • Deliver: An enhanced and optimal data analytics capability that fits your business requirements with the flexibility to evolve with it too.
  • Support: As much or as little as you need to ensure everyone in data sleeps like a baby.
Data integration health check
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