Data Transport Review

Here at Dot Group we are the accelerated large file transfer experts. Transporting large files over distance comes with its own set of unique challenges. We can help you discover how well what you have today is working for you. Or, maybe you don't have any long-to-medium haul data transport solution in place and want to learn how to best deploy a new solution? Perhaps you are feeling the pain of having to transport large volumes of data cross-border and find it a slow and troublesome experience?

Whether you have a simple FTP server, an existing accelerated file transfer solution like Signiant, FileCatalyst, JetStream or Aspera - or have yet to implement any data transport method - we're ready to evaluate your needs. We can help you modernise, secure, future proof and rightscale what you already have, and identify any inefficiencies and potential for optimisations as well as streamlining your workflows.

Data Transport Review - Dot Group

What we would do for you

  • Collaborative "Show & Tell" Session: Let's start with a conversation. We'll schedule a meeting with you to discuss your data transport requirements. 
  • In-Depth Interviews: We believe in understanding your unique needs. We'll conduct interviews with both you and your users to gain valuable insights. 
  • Asking the Right Questions: Our team is skilled at asking the right questions to uncover essential information about your data transport challenges. 
  • Assessment of Your Current Deployment: If you already have a data transport solution in place, we'll thoroughly assess its performance and configuration. 
  • Comprehensive Data Transport Review: We'll examine your present and future data transport needs, ensuring a holistic understanding of your requirements. 
  • Detailed Recommendations: Expect a clear, traffic-light-style report from us, highlighting our observations and providing actionable recommendations. 
Data Transport Review

Our Focus Areas:

  • Security 
  • Performance 
  • Configuration 
  • Optimisation 
  • Reliability 
  • Deployment model 
  • Scope for automation 
Data Transport Review

Why Dot?

The Dot Group has more than 20 years’ experience in data management, modelling and optimisation. Our consultants are objective. Our recommendations are unbiased. That means you get genuine expertise with a proven track record and an open portfolio of technology and solutions to choose from. 

How this works 

  • Assess: Understanding your business's analytics environment, its usage, and its users.  
  • Roadmap: Understanding the granular interactions and requirements by those using it and the needs and wants of those who would like to. 
  • Deliver: Providing options to reflect the analytics status quo and ambition alongside viable timeframes for the work as well as the business benefit. 
  • Support: Keeping you and your data in check, year after year. 

Let us help you transform your data transport capabilities and provide seamless, efficient, and secure solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Let's start the conversation!

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