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Your business is unique. But if your data’s disjointed, you’re only hearing half the story. That’s where we come in. Our expertise spans a huge range of data solutions, enabling us to take a case by case approach to getting your data talking.

We have expert consultants in everything from master data management to predictive analytics and beyond. With DOT on your side, you can build your data blocks on firm foundations, not quicksand.

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The DOT Solution Suite

That grid above is reflects the solutions we’re implementing day in, day out. And behind those titles you’ll rarely find an out of the box implementation, because what our clients like about us is our mix and match abilities. We know which technologies work well together, we know when a stack suits one business better than another.

Capability quickly

What you’ll find in DOT’s offering is complete solutions bespoke to your business needs. If that need is expertise plus software/hardware implementation that’s what we’ll provide. If it’s more a need for a Software as a Service solution, that’s what you’ll get.

We’ll craft your required solution quickly so that you can apply your new capabilities without delay and with early business benefit. And did we mention minimal risk.

In good company

Alongside the DOT Solution Suite, in our role as an IBM Premier Business Partner, we’re at the forefront of IBM’s pioneering services and products in terms of the IBM knowledge we have that’s relevant to your business’s challenges. Our experts know IBM’s experts. In fact, you might find that our technology agnostic approach combines IBM technologies with some of our own technology or that of other IT partners.

The crux of it is that we know IBM’s solutions and capabilities, and their implementations, like the backs of our hands. And what’s more, we’re in a position to present extremely competitive terms on IBM solutions, should our conversation progress. Let’s talk.

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