Data integration

Information is everywhere. It drives everything your business does. Or it should. Left unharnessed, your business is like an orchestra of untuned instruments. Harness the power of your data with data integration solutions from DOT.

If data were an orchestra. We’d be your conductor.

Information relating to customers, products, sales, partners and more. Whatever data you’ve got, you need it together to stay competitive and to drive sales and engagement.

If the orchestra analogy doesn’t work, try plumbing. Data integration is the pipe network that gets your data from A (the data source) to B (the target for the data). But it doesn’t just deliver data. It qualifies, governs and transforms it in a secure, repeatable and auditable way. And done the DOT way, it’s scalable, performant and supportable too.

See your processes, services and customers in a whole new light

That’s the first benefit.

DOT has been helping businesses grasp and organize their data since 1998. Those businesses are delivering better outcomes for their customers and their bottom line. But we’ve also been hired multiple times to resolve poorly implemented data integration solutions.

To give you an example, for Insure The Box we deliver highly performant real time data integration for operational transaction management. What they get is guaranteed performance, efficiency and reusability. It’s both an example of DOT’s Big Data and data integration capabilities.

data integration

Make better business decisions. Deliver better services. Enhance customer experiences

And there you have the crux of this product. Gather your business’s information from multiple sources or data silos. Import and classify it so you know what you’ve got, where it is stored or archived and who can access it. One single view of the truth to empower your business with knowledge.
data integration

How this works

  • Assess: Let’s start by defining the target point for all your data, then we’ll locate and profile all the sources (yes, all of them) and determine the support requirements.
  • Roadmap: The planning is all about devising a sequence of delivery for getting data from A to B.
  • Deliver: Execution of your solution involves establishing transformation rules, data models and a management framework.
  • Support: You choose: you can run it yourselves or we can manage it for you, or work to somewhere in between.
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