Data Warehousing

Gain an integrated view of your company’s data silos by modelling how you store multiple data sources to enable enhanced reporting and analysis.

Sprawling mansion or studio apartment. Create a data warehouse to fit your needs

Is your data flying around somewhere ‘in the ether’? If you’re going to use it to your commercial advantage then you need to build it a home. It holds the key to the ins and outs of your business, not to mention your customers. So let’s protect it, organise it and make sure it has a door in and access out.

Without a data warehouse you’re in the realms of spreadsheets, multiple variances of information, labelling and terminology. Not forgetting a silo-parochial perspective. With a data warehouse solution you’ll achieve governance of and trust in the data, unified and standardised reporting, and a business wide view.

data warehousing

No more conflicting reports. Plenty of robust data

DOT’s experience and knowledge of what ‘good’ looks like, and what is good enough, ensures that we can design and deliver a data warehouse according to your business’s requirements. And our technology agnostic approach means we collaborate with the biggest technology partners in the world to help you achieve your goals.

DOT’s point of difference is its team of highly experienced data modellers with exposure to the widest range of sectors and data types, because DOT is not sector or technology specific. Before you know it, DOT’s data warehousing expertise will have you running a data fuelled, customer savvy business driven by a complete and secure source of statistics and reports.

Data catalog

Compatibility and concrete findings at your fingertips

If we must talk IT jargon, then we should talk about Extract, Transform and Load (ETL). It’s a process of data warehousing that pulls your data together from multiple sources, formats it correctly for optimum storage and analysis, and places it into the data warehouse ready to play with.

If you’re exporting data from multiple systems to analyse in a single spreadsheet it won’t be able to handle the volume of data you’ve got. So you can’t achieve a true view of your business from your data. We’re not scaremongering. Stop wasting time updating reports and questioning discrepancies. Start building your data warehouse.

How this works

  • Assess: We’ll understand your current data warehouse status and if you’ve got one assess its suitability for your stated needs. Whether you’ve got one or not, we’ll figure out how to get you where you want to be.
  • Roadmap: In undertaking a technology evaluation, we’ll review what’s available to support your current challenges and make recommendations on the best technology for your business’s desired outcome.
  • Deliver: We’ll implement a pragmatic data model that will map the current state, define what we call a logical view, from there we’ll create a physical view then feed it the data to give you one new integrated view.
  • Support:  You can run it yourselves or we can manage it for you, or work to somewhere in between. You choose.
data warehouse
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