IBM Aspera

High-performance multi-directional file transfer with IBM Aspera

We’ve seen Aspera transform the practices of our media and entertainment customers, allowing them to move to a stream-based, cloud-first workflow that supports distributed and remote working. It’s also widely used to enable lightning-fast analytics in the financial world, to accelerate research in scientific and industrial fields, and even to improve merchandising in the retail sector.

The IBM Aspera Advantage

  • High-speed data transfer to move large volumes of data to, from and between on-premises datacentres and any major cloud service, without the bottlenecks caused by traditional FTP servers.
  • IBM Aspera offers you an ultra-fast and robust solution to deliver data anywhere.
  • Automating file transfers so that they can be initiated quickly and securely by non-technical staff is key to keeping your business moving at pace.
  • Distributed teams need to be able to share data efficiently – even when the files involved are large rich media files or complex projects.
  • IBM Aspera lets you quickly and securely replicate and synchronise big data globally over wide area networks.

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IBM Aspera

IBM Aspera and The DOT Group

As an IBM Silver Business Partner with accredited Aspera technicians on staff, we can help you design and implement Aspera’s high-speed file transfer workflow. Whatever your goals are, we’ll work with you to ensure you have a workable, futureproof solution that integrates with your current infrastructure and can help your team get up to speed on the new system once it’s installed. Aspera automatically adapts to the bandwidth and I/O available at any given time, remaining resistant to packet loss and latency to deliver the throughput you need. Users report performance with Aspera that is significantly faster and more reliable than their previous solutions while coping elegantly with latency and contention to deliver data quickly and securely.
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IBM Aspera is also available on Cloud as a hosted service to quickly and reliably send and share your files and data sets of any size and type across a hybrid cloud environment — up to hundreds of times faster than FTP and HTTP. 

  • Manually or automatically transfer files and directories or schedule repeating transfers
  • Allocate bandwidth based on transfer priority
  • Simple user interface for accessing all files 

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IBM Aspera

Versatile file transfers with comprehensive built in security

Keep your business-critical digital assets safe with Aspera’s enterprise-grade security features, which include thorough SSH authentication, FIPS 140-2 Level 1 compliant cryptographic module, and data integrity verification for each transmitted block.

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