The single view delivered by IBM’s Watson, Watson Explorer and Watson Analytics combines content as well as data.

Find the needle in your business’s haystack without moving from your chair

Technically known as cognitive computing, this is clever stuff. Most data solutions act like intrepid adventurers hunting down your data in all its hiding places and bringing it to you. Watson takes you right to it, wherever it’s hiding.

That’s pretty cool, but here’s the really clever bit: content analytics. In other words, garner meaning and insight from natural language content like reviews, comments and reports to create a single customer view and one operational perspective.

Revolutionise the way your organisation makes decisions

DOT implements Watson for clients who need to constantly interpret and continually learn from their data and information sources. The benefit of working with DOT to implement an IBM solution is the technology agnostic perspective that DOT has. It serves to ensure that DOT will observe, assess, consult and deliver the product mindful of your business’s widest goals and technology challenges.

This isn’t just about applying a product that should work for your business. It’s about applying an holistic and objective perspective to that implementation, so your business gains optimum value from an IBM Watson solution for the long term.


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Learn faster and discover unknowns

Watson’s wizardry brings a whole new perspective on data and content. Tap into organic and disparate content for insight in a way you didn’t think possible. Then scale and contextualise your data and your content to provide insights relevant to the individual seeking the intelligence. A marketer gets one thing. A data scientist will get another.

The business gets more individuals adding more value by working smarter because they’ve spent less time accessing and deciphering data. Reach information you didn’t know existed. Make it relevant according to the individual’s role and project. Amalgamate content and data to empower informed commercial decisions to yield scalable business wins.

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How this works

  • Assess: What’s your data challenge or desired business outcome? What technologies and processes exist? How is data currently handled?
  • Roadmap: What data have you got or would you like to get hold of? What’s being said about your business out in the ether? How we’ll implement a cognitive computing solution to serve all your end users.
  • Deliver: Surface a product that your team members can access and use quickly and easily while enlightening their plans and decisions.
  • Support: Whatever you need to maintain, optimise and scale. You choose.
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