Time is running out for Faspex 4 – Embrace Faspex 5!

IBM Aspera Faspex 5Dot Group is the leading European reseller of IBM Aspera. As part of this role, it provides continuing support and education to help clients and users get the best from the system. 

In July Dot Group held a very successful online webinar, talking about Faspex, one of the web applications of IBM Aspera. As IBM announced to end support for Faspex 4 on 30th September 2023, all users are encouraged to migrate to Faspex 5. The technical webinar outlined the key differences, new features and migration requirements, ensuring a smooth transition for all.

Faspex 5 introduces a cutting-edge web interface and experience, elevating both the user journey and security to unprecedented levels. Its fortified security system is a significant enhancement, providing users peace of mind when sending large files as easily as an email. 

Harnessing the power of containerisation, this state-of-the-art tool has been completely redesigned as a suite of Docker containers. This modern approach allows for streamlined deployment whether standalone, within an on-premises data centre, or in the cloud, while also simplifying the processes of upgrades and updates. 

This forward-thinking platform is fully compatible with any MariaDB compliant database, which is fully backed by major cloud providers, assuring high availability and reinforcing the robust security framework. 

Faspex 5 also prepares for the future, providing seamless integration capabilities for the forthcoming Files and Console applications. This ensures that the tool is always primed for growth, promising a consistent and adaptable experience for users. 

As with any significant enhancements, some considerations will naturally arise during the changeover. Dot Group offers a a complimentary consultancy session to plan and address any requirements. 

For users who missed this first session on Faspex 5, please see the form below to request to download the presentation files and/or view the webinar recording from the first session:

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