The Team

Since 1998 we’ve had a clear vision that we’d remain neutral in our technology preferences and that we’d deliver on our clients’ requirements by selecting the most appropriate IT solution and the best equipped consultants to do that.

The DOT team is one of vast and varied experience that culminates in two strong themes: knowledge and customer relationships.
We walk the walk with the big names in IT without wearing a corporate hat. We talk the talk without the jargon. We do IT with our customers’ needs at the fore, always. And we always have time to talk, at any stage of a project.

These pretty faces are the people you’ll most likely have contact with initiating and overseeing your project. And our consultants are the expert translators of your data – the guys who do the do and the get technical stuff done (in the language they know best and that baffles most of the rest of the world).

The Team

Sako Apcar

Managing Director

Steve Kircher

Non-Executive Director

Suzy Peiser

Office Manager

Simon Parkinson

Operations Director and Solutions Insider

Shai Patel

Information Governance Consultant

Paul Riddell

Head of Marketing and Business Development

Why choose The Dot Group?

The more connected the world becomes, the more quickly a business must adapt. By design, The Dot Group integration software simplifies the development process, reduces the learning curve, and decreases total cost of ownership with a single platform for batch and real-time data integration.

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